We find the insights that make your business smarter

Data is the modern day business’s big opportunity. That doesn’t make it any easier to access, analyse or use. That’s where we come in. Our team of data scientists have more than 10 years combined experience deploying AI products for businesses at scale. Whether you’re looking to spot market trends, analyse a unique set of competitor data, or carry out some custom analytics, we're there to help you.


Helping you to unlock data's value by running AI workshops, carrying out feasibility studies on your data and processes.


Our data experts work out the quickest path to return on investment through rapid prototyping.

Deploy at scale

Taking an AI system from prototype in one team to a company wide deployment for everyone to benefit from.

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September 22, 2020
December 21, 2020
February 19, 2021

When Artificial Intelligence transforms Business Intelligence

Bussines Intelligence is evolving. Are you ready?

Data & AI Solutions For Business

AI is having a huge impact on businesses today. Those that make use of data and AI are reporting higher revenues, company growth, more profits, and market-leading performance. Learn how Weera can help your business benefit from AI:

Our latest projects

BI projects always respond to the same basic objective: giving the business or organisation the necessary tools for them to take the most appropriate strategic and operational decisions, using data analysis as the basis. Weera's indefatigable research team is constantly meking new methods to extract most accurate results from your data.

Smart Contracts

Progress: 40%

“Smart contracts” are a critical component of many platforms and applications being built using blockchain or distributed ledger technology. In our research effort, we are trying to outline the background and functions of smart contracts, discuss whether they can be deemed enforceable legal agreements under contract law in different countries, and highlight certain legal and practical considerations that will need to be resolved before they can be broadly used in commercial contexts.

Factorized Hierarchical Variational Autoencoder

Progress: 25%

Weera's research team presents a factorized hierarchical variational autoencoder, which learns disentangled and interpretable representations from sequential data without supervision. Specifically, we exploit the multi-scale nature of information in sequential data by formulating it explicitly within a factorized hierarchical graphical model that imposes sequence-dependent priors and sequence-independent priors to different sets of latent variables. Such models is very useful for detecting most effective factors when the pool is very large.

Where everything comes together

We know you’re using dozens of different apps to get work done. And the shuffling and fragmentation are killing your team’s productivity. Finally, you can manage it all from a single place.

The power of one.

Weera empowers you and your team to work at 100% and make the right decisions.

Turon your focus to manufacturing, not IT.

Growth is a big part of your business game plan, but have you thought about how you should be managing and streamlining all critical business areas? With Weera Cloud Business System you gain full view of all business activities, including financial, warehouse and inventory management, across your supply chain and business operations. Specializing in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors, Weera CBS provides the solutions, processes and tools to assist you to manage your data and gain insights into your business. Our ability to innovate based on market needs and a focus on faster time-to-value, provides that last-mile functionality to promote the success of your business.

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